Topical Videos

The Future of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (Andrew Ng, Stanford University, STAN 2011)
(May 21, 2011) Andrew Ng (Stanford University) is building robots to improve the lives of millions. From autonomous helicopters to robotic perception, Ng's ...

Real-World Robot Learning (TensorFlow Dev Summit 2018)
Alex Irpan discusses real-world robot learning. In the past, research has shown that with enough real world robot data, we can teach a real robot how to pick up ...

Neural Network Robot With Arduino
Support my projects on Patreon → Running artificial neural networks on Arduino is not a simple task but machine ...

Deep Learning for Robotics - Prof. Pieter Abbeel - NIPS 2017 Keynote
Pieter Abbeel delivers his keynote: Deep Learning for Robotics, at NIPS 2017.

3D Printed Robot Cat learns to walk with Machine Learning (Genetic Algorithm)
Meet Nixie, a 3D printed robot cat. She learns how to walk by a machine learning technique called genetic algorithm.